Our Story

After I divorced, my two sons packed up every week and transitioned between two homes.  It was time consuming, unorganized, at times contentious, disruptive, and stressful.  It left the boys feeling ungrounded - and at times - in tears.  Even though our family counselor said we were the “ideal divorced family”, our new reality was in pieces.  My ideal life shattered. I felt inconsistent, stretched thin, and ultimately exhausted juggling our new reality.

My sons were six and nine then. They’re 23 and 26 now. They remember how “monotonous” transitioning between homes was.  My younger son recently described the situation “by the time you get there, you get settled in and then you are leaving. You just get in the groove and then you leave.  Both of you would get upset for not unpacking my bag. There's no point. By the time I unpack we are moving.” 

As I bravely navigated being a single Mother, I witnessed many other families live with the same anxiety.  I’ve also had numerous conversations with divorcees, children of all ages, and foster care workers who describe the same disorganization and the same messiness of multi-home living.  I’ve done research, I’ve done surveys, and yes, I’ve also held focus groups to discuss the elephant in the multi-family room: kids take the brunt of divorce.

I knew there could be a better way to help children successfully transition between homes, and help them feel like where ever they go, they belong. 


Co-Founder, Ann Cook